Ghana Trip 19th January Return to Bepong

Emma returned to Bepong.
Our first borehole has been drilled but as we unfortunately had to drill 20m deeper than expected, a manual pump would not work.
So an electric pump has now been fitted and a water tower with a tank is being built.
This will take the water from the ground into a tank and a tap system that will supply the community with water.

Emma arrived to see the first flow of water coming from the pump and was able to fill up the first buckets in the community of Bepong.

Emma said "It was so humbling to fill up the first buckets from our borehole.
Not only that but to walk into the village and see the reaction from the community was unbelievable. I couldn't walk more than two steps before another person grabbed my hand and thanked me”.

"This truly is a highlight of my trip and these memories will stay with me forever."

Thank you so much to everyone who was involved in fundraising to make this possible.

A special thank you to everyone involved and who attended Raising the Deep.
Soon, the water tower will be complete and the community of Bepong will have clean water in memory of Matt Suttle.