The Water Towers in Bepong

Emma went back Bepong and our first water towers

"I revisited the community of Bepong to see our two water towers that provide this community of 4,000 people with clean water.

It was wonderful to see it being used by so many people."

"I was told by Fred and Rebeca that when we first opened the water towers in Bepong, the community came alive with the gathering of so many people, the noise, the excitement.

Many people in the community never believed that they would have water in their town as they had been told several times that there was not a strong enough underground source of water.
So for many it was a miracle
We really did make dreams come true.

Spending time with the people around the water tower and talking to people using it, I experienced nothing but happy smiley faces, laughter and gratitude."

So on behalf of everyone in Bepong, we pass on their thanks to everyone who helped us with fundraising to make this possible. It has made such a huge difference to so many lives.

Thank you.