Twenedurase Part 1

Emma starts on a borehole project

A very exciting start to my trip as Fred took me back to Twenedurase to discover a borehole.
The borehole was drilled in 2012, however, it was only functional for two months.
This community of around 1000 people has no water supply. They rely on water from the ground that collects between the rocks, creating puddles.
It can take around four hours to fill a bucket as they collect their water scoop by scoop.

When we discovered the borehole, we used a local borehole specialist to dismantle it.
The pump was taken apart and 8x 10ft piping was taken out of the ground.

The reason this water project was not successful was because of two problems with the engineering.
Sadly, when it was fitted the engineer did not use a centraliser (plastic tubing) to protect the inner pipe from the surrounding pipe that draws the water up from the ground.
Because of this, the outer pipe became scratched and rust set in.
Also, the cylinder that operates the pump was not fitted correctly meaning the water could not be pumped through the pipe efficiently.

We're so excited to say that this community which has been lacking water for so long will be receiving clean, accessible water.
Thanks to your donations we will replace the cylinder, pipes and pump.

It's a dream come true for us and for this community.