Outreach in Cheriban

Emma distributes filters and gifts in Cheriban

We delivered more water filters to Cheriban, a community of over 400 people.
This is a very rural community. To reach them you have to travel for miles and miles along dirt tracks.
Cheriban is such a large area it is broken down into numbers to divide the communities up.

We took a community filter, two family filters and donations of rice, noodles, sweets, clothes, toys, soap, paracetamol and bras.

The community were so grateful, thanking us for the gift of clean water.
They performed a ritual of blessing the ground, Mother Nature and God for the gift we brought to them.

This community has to walk for miles to collect their water, but at least now we know the water that they are collecting can be filtered and is now safe for them to drink.
Dom demonstrated how the filters work and how they needed to be cleaned and maintained. He then invited people to try for themselves to show us they knew how to operate the filters.
We even had a very young girl operating a small filter, showing that regardless of your size or age,  anyone can use a filter.

Emma says:
“I'm always amazed by the results of our filters and how they can take the dirtiest of water and make it as clear as the water that runs from our taps."

When the gifts were given out, the community came alive, the excitement from the adults and children was incredible as they gratefully received their gifts.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated gifts for this community: you made so many people very, very happy.