Osubeng School

Emma visits a school in need of our help

Emma visited Osubeng Roman Catholic School and spent time with the children and teachers.
This school sits within a community of around 3,000 people.

"Approaching it we travelled along rough dirt tracks through jungle like surroundings.
It feels like it’s a million miles away from civilisation -  it’s so remote and so far removed from the local towns and markets.

The villagers survive on cocoa farming, providing cocoa for the community. The cocoa is also shipped to Europe to be used in our chocolate."

Sadly, a lot of the children do not attend school as they are sent out to farm and even the pupils at the school spend their free time away from education helping to farm the land.

Malaria is a huge problem in this area, especially in the wet season.
So many of the children at the school had very serious open wounds on their hands and legs from the time spent farming.
Emma met Teresa. Her hands were so painful, swollen and itchy from infected open wounds. Teresa was also suffering from ringworm and lumps had started to appear on her head.

Speaking to the teachers, there are a lot of health problems.
Children arrive at school and are vomiting because of the water and food they are consuming. Ringworm is also a huge problem and is so contagious that sadly the school is never able to contain the ringworm as the children who can afford treatment receive it but the children that cannot afford treatment are continually spreading the disease throughout the school.

We have decided to that we are going to insure 280 children from Osubeng Roman Catholic School, helping them to live happier and healthier lives.
They will be able to receive treatment for malaria, ringworm, typhoid, infections and other health issues they may have.

For just £1 you can save a child's life. Please help us insure more schools, help more children like Teresa and save lives by providing them with life saving medical insurance.