Obomeng A New Borehole

A new borehole is completed

Emma says:

“I was able to get involved in the building of our first platform for a borehole that is close to a school. The school has over 600 pupils so this will be an amazing benefit to all of the children, keeping them hydrated and enabling them to spend a full day in class."

"It's hard physical work in the African heat but somehow I enjoyed every minute of being a part of this project:
Digging the foundations; filling metal dishes with sand and rocks to be transported and then hand mixed with the cement to create the concrete; laying bricks; pouring the concrete in dish by dish.
It was so wonderful to see it coming together and to be a part of every stage."

"Nick Woodward, a friend who I went to school with, passed away in August this year.
I raised funds in his name, originally to build a water tower.
However, after spending time on this project, seeing it complete and also it being next to a school, I felt it was very fitting to dedicate this borehole to his memory.

Soon there will be a plaque attached to the borehole which will read:
“Helen Hodgkins Trust providing water in memory of Nick Woodward”.

I feel completely privileged to have been a part of this project, to see it complete, to pump the first flow of water from the ground and to get to see the children using it."

"Afterwards, a teacher from the school came to me and said:
"Thank you, thank you, thank you, God bless you and thank you, I don't know what else I can say, just thank you."
The emotion in this lady was incredible and you could tell she was lost for words seeing water that will support her community and her pupils.”