Nkyenennkyenen Borehole

Repairing broken boreholes in Nkyenennkyenen

On returning to Nkyenennkyenen, where it all began, Emma was made aware of some broken boreholes.

"When I visited the community I was made aware of three boreholes that are in the community.
Sadly they have not been working for five years."

The wet season is coming to an end and by December the river where women and children are collecting water from will dry up and the only way they will be able to collect water is to dig until they reach water underground.

"Nkyenennkyenen is a special place for me as this is where the story began. I know the children and the teachers, I've spent time with them on every trip to Ghana. The idea of them not having water broke my heart.

I met up with the chief and a few of the men within the community.
They thanked me for my time, for thinking of them as they know there are so many communities in need. They also thanked me for the continued support of medical insurance for their children.
It was so heart warming."

Thanks to your fundraising and donations, with the help of Fred and his borehole engineer we are now looking at repairing two of the three boreholes in the community.