Nkyenennkyenen School

Emma returns to Nkyenennkyenen school.

Emma says:

“I took time away from water projects to revisit the school we have now been insuring for 3 years with life-saving medical care.
This is where it all began for me three and a half years ago and as I took the long and very bumpy ride back to Nkyenennkyenen School it made me reflect on what we have achieved in such a small amount of time.

I only ever started out wanting to raise £500 a year to send out two community water filters and to continue to insure this school.
Thanks to the belief and support of so many people we have been able to do so much more.
I am always amazed by the generosity of my friends, whether that's time, fundraising, donations, knowledge or skills.
It's only because of this my journey has changed and the Trust has grown so much."

"Seeing the children again was amazing! The youngest children even danced for me when I entered their class room.
I gave them donations of books and pens that were kindly funded by Rev Christine Moorehouse."

Isaac, the headmaster, told Emma that the medical insurance has made such a difference to the school.
It is now better attended than ever, meaning this community will be better educated in the future.
The children are healthier than ever and look so well.

There has not been a single fatality in the three years we have been insuring the school.
Children have been treated for malaria, ringworm, typhoid and also minor injuries such as cuts that used to get infected.

"For me personally it was so wonderful to see the children looking so well. Every child looked healthy and happy.
Issac and all the children wanted to thank us and asked God to bless us for all we have done.”