Leads Community School Borehole

Borehole project at Leads Community school

“On my last visit to Ghana at the beginning of the year, Fred introduced me to the school and the community of Petiku.
We delivered water filters and donated gifts.
Fred took me to the local borehole situated very close to the school. Sadly, it had not been working for five years."

1,500 people make up the community of Petiku and when the borehole broke it meant they had to go back to walking around four hours a day to collect water. The water was not clean and was making a large number of the children and adults incredibly sick.

Thanks to your donations we have been able to fix this borehole.

A new platform has been built, new pipes and cylinders have been fitted and now the borehole is pumping clean water from the ground.
It was lovely to see two of the children from Leads Community School take me to the borehole and demonstrate how they pumped, collected and drank the water from the borehole.

Completing this project cost the trust £620.
A huge thank you to everyone who has fundraised and donated to make this possible.