Atuobikrom Water Tower

Emma visited Atuobikrom and their water project

Fred took Emma to the community of Atuobikrom.

This community has been working so hard to provide water for its people.
They have one borehole providing a water supply to around 600 people.

Fred took Emma to meet the chief, where he explained that they have almost everything they need to complete a water tower. But they desperately want help so they can complete this project. They just need two water containers to go on the top of the water tower.
The structure is in place, they have a pump, filter and the pipes they need. They have the engineers to make it happen.

Emma had this to say:
“I was so impressed that this small community had worked so hard to help themselves, (something you really do not see often in Ghanaian communities)  that we have agreed to support them so when the dry season comes they will have enough water to supply the entire community, meaning children will be able to spend more time at school instead of collecting water."

Thanks to your fundraising and donations we are now able to give the community of Atuobikrom the gift of clean water.