"Can I donate my birthday money to your charity?"

This is Lois Olivia Pearman.
Last week we got the most beautiful message from her mum.
It is her birthday on the 17th of August and she will be turning nine.

Kelly Robinson (Lois’ mum) messaged Emma to explain, after showing Lois the Helen Hodgkins Trust website and Facebook page, that she wanted to donate all of her birthday money to the charity to make sure as many children as possible could receive clean water.
We have decided that the best thing Lois can do for the charity is not to donate her birthday money, but instead to raise awareness and money for the charity in her school.
Lois is preparing a talk for her school assembly and is hoping to use the school to do different forms of fundraising.

We are always so overwhelmed by the support we receive and the generous donations, but have to say Lois, you have melted our hearts with your generosity and kindness.