Emma heads to Malawi on Feb 8

Founder Emma Hodgkins is travelling to Malawi on the 8th of February.

Her time in Malawi will be spent working on 4 projects:

The water project
Taking water from Lake Malawi out to remote villages to provide essential and life saving water supplies.

The orphanage
Looking after and caring for so many children with no parents. They are completely dependent on the orphanage and their carers.

The school
Working in the school and seeing how we can support their teaching and their learning environment.

Malaria awareness project
Working with children and pregnant women. Educating them on why and how to use mosquito nets.

Emma will be working and researching each project to see how the funds we have raised in 2014 can be used to support the ongoing work in Malawi.

Emma will be funding the trip herself, to ensure 100% of our donations are used on deserving projects.

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