Surviving Typhoid

Typhoid fever is a severe bacterial infection which is spread via food or water that's contaminated with human waste. It's responsible for around 200,000 deaths per year, most of whom are children. (Coalition Against Typhoid

While volunteering in Ghana, I fell seriously ill with the fever. I was so ill that I was hospitalised and treated with antibiotics and fluids to keep me hydrated. I recovered briefly, only to fall ill again on the flight home, which was horrific. I spent 5 hours of the 7 hour flight locked in the toilet! I have to praise the support and help that I had from BA. They were incredible.

On my return, I went straight to hospital where they confirmed that I had contracted typhoid fever. Typhoid fever can't be vaccinated against, so even though I had all the recommended vaccines and I had taken great care around hygiene and water, I had still managed to contract it. It is so virulent that it affects the lives of more than 21 million people a year. (Coalition Against Typhoid) 48% of people those that go untreated die. 

Clean water will prevent this. Medical insurance will prevent this. 

This is why we do what we do. Please find it in your hearts to donate now.