Porsche & Kofe's Story

On my second day of teaching at Nkyenennkyenen school Kofe and Porsche were brought to me, as I was the most senior teacher on the campus. Kofe was in incredible pain. He had egg shape lumps on his head, which had gone septic and were bleeding. It was obvious that even with my first aid experience I did not have the skills to treat and care for him. I decided to take him to hospital and when his sister Porsche was presented to me it was obvious that she was suffering from the same conditions, but not as severely. I took them to the local hospital where they had treatment.

It was one of the most heart breaking experiences of my life; watching two beautiful children go through so much pain. As they held my hand tears streamed down their faces.  For such strong children, who walk for miles for water every day and who farm the land in incredible heat and in their bare feet, this pain must have been unbearable. Tears rolled down my cheeks too, as I felt their pain and I prayed I could take it away.

I found out from the doctors in the hospital that two months earlier Porsche and Kofe had been taken to the hospital only to be told they could not have treatment as their mother could not afford to pay. They did not have medical insurance and their father was no longer around. The doctor also told me the condition they had was ringworm, which they'd contracted due to drinking dirty water. If untreated, ringworm develops into tumours and results in fatality.

Porsche and Kofe had to go through painful treatments to survive their illness but at least they are alive today. I wish I had been able to give them medical insurance before they became ill, so their treatment could have happened sooner and caused them less distress, pain and suffering.

Experiencing the treatment with Porsche and Kofe was the starting point, the inspiration and the motivation to start raising funds while I was in Africa.  No child should have to suffer in this way.