Founding the Trust

The experiences I had in Ghana were truly humbling, as was the generosity of so many people who enabled us to quickly respond to the appalling water conditions we witnessed there. It was unbelievable that in such a small amount of time, we were able to make such a lasting difference. After experiencing this, I couldn't just return to the UK and tick this off as done. It became a part of me. It gave me a new ambition, a new dream. Something that I knew would be part of my life forever.

It would have been all too easy to return to my usual standards of living, save for a house, get a new job and all the other luxuries that we take for granted. After a while, we forget what else is happening on our planet... But it doesn't take much money, effort or time to make a real difference and lasting impact to so many lives. 

This is why we founded the Helen Hodgkins Trust. Through the trust we hope to raise awareness and gain support. We hope to find others that share our dream and who are committed to helping Africa become a happier and healthier place. Join us in our mission and please donate now.