A Year of Fundraising

Following my initial visit to Ghana, the next 6 months were a blur of fundraising activities. Firstly, I did some  craft courses, set up a studio in my flat and began creating handmade gifts for sale. With so many worthy charities competing for donations now, I felt that if people were actually getting something in return for their donations, we could raise so much more.

After months of making crafts, we held 3 craft sales, selling jewellery, Christmas decorations and cakes. These events were great and started raising funds but also awareness for what I was trying to do.

I also ran the Bath Half Marathon and did a sweep stake, charging £1 for a 10 second time slot, raising £80 for the trust and the winning time received £50 as a prize.

Christian, my gorgeous step brother, also shaved his head. He desperately wanted to support what I was trying to do so chopped off his gorgeous locks and raised money for the trust.

As a hairdresser I have now had 2 charity hair days at my dad's house. Asking for donations for haircuts. This has been supported by friends, family and neighbours.

We have now raised over £1000, which is amazing. With these funds we can buy 4 large water filters or insure over 600 children with life saving medical insurance.

We still need to do more though. Please help us to raise our next £1000 and donate now.