A Huge Thank You

Before I even left to go to Africa, the generosity of those around me was amazing. I had donations of money, clothes, teaching equipment, toys and fabric. I was flying with BA and they even kindly gave me 4 extra bags to check in so I could take all of my gifts out to Ghana. I'm sure it was very amusing for anyone at Heathrow watching me trying to get all of these cases to my check in desk.

To all of you who have supported the trust - thank you. You have made a difference to children and families in Africa. It has restored my faith in human kindness. Watch the video below to see what the people of village have to say about your support.

Now I ask you all to kindly continue supporting the trust and our goals by raising awareness and spreading the word. Please tell your friends and families about what we hope to achieve and please continue to donate.  We can make a difference, we can create a healthier happier Africa.

Thank you.