Christmas Message and review of our first year

What a first year it has been for the Helen Hodgkins Trust!

We set an optimistic goal to raise £5000 this year, and we’ve done it! This is going to make such a difference and will help save and change lives in Africa.

This has all been made possible by your amazing support, donations and contributions. So many people have been involved in making this happen. We can’t thank you enough.

As we reflect on 2014 it is incredible how much has been achieved:

  • We gained recognition as an official charity from the HMRC
  • We can now collect Gift Aid
  • The Trust website was launched
  • We can now take online donations
  • Two successful launch events – in Bath and Banbury
  • Our Facebook and Twitter pages have been created
  • Collection boxes have been distributed, and filled up
  • The first monthly direct debits have been set up
  • Many fundraisers including charity hair days, craft sales have been run
  • And of course the small matter of the founder reaching the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro!

In 2015 we can start spending the donations so we can make a real difference and change and save lives in Africa. The first of these trips is now booked – the founder is off to Malawi in February.

We are busy planning more events for 2015 – if we can raise another £5000 we can apply to be registered with the Charity Commission - this will be an incredible achievement!

We hope you all have a fabulous Christmas and New Year, but please spare a thought for the hundreds of millions of people who won’t have clean water on Christmas Day. With your continuing efforts and support we can continue to give the gift of clean water to those that need it.

The Helen Hodgkins Trust Trustees