Helen Hodgkins

Emma’s late mother loved children and always worked hard to help those in need. After falling ill, her biggest fear was of being forgotten. The trust is in her name so that her warmth, kindness & love can remain our inspiration forever. 


Emma Hodgkins

Founder and heart of the trust. Emma drives the charity and sets the strategy and direction.
Emma is also the fundraiser-in-chief.


Tony Taylor

Tony looks after all the marketing, including the website. He is also responsible for all the operational activities of the Trust including technical support and all-round problem solving.

Steve Foster

Having grown up in Tanzania, Africa is close to Steve's heart.
Steve is the Treasurer so manages all our financial affairs.

John Hodgkins

Emma’s father and hero and greatest support.

Martin Fawley

Martin manages our programme to raise funds through charitable trusts, corporate sponsorship and government schemes.
He is also building the relationship with our Partners in Ghana.