Our partners

To ensure that all the money raised is spent in the most efficient and effective way possible, it is essential that we work with trusted people and organisations in Africa to identify those who are in the greatest need; to distribute and maintain water filters and educate those who will use them; identify, implement and manage borehole and well projects.

We are very fortunate to be able to work with our trusted Partners as they turn our dreams into reality.

Thank you as we appreciate your efforts so much.


Fred set up SVG Africa in 2001.

He has been involved in so many amazing projects in Ghana, for example, fostering 60 children, helping them with homing and education.

He has built schools and toilets and has seven acres of land that he uses to teach agriculture, farming cannellini beans and corn. He has been involved in health care and clean water projects.

Without Fred's help the achievements of the Helen Hodgkins Trust would not be possible.

Fred project managed our first sustainable water projects and will continue to help us to deliver water solutions to the communities that need them the most.



Rebeca works with Original Volunteers and SVG Africa.

Rebeca's support and help has enabled us to insure pupils of Nkyenennkyenen school and distribute our water filters to the most needed communities.


Dom works with Fred and Rebeca.

He is involved in distributing our water filters and has had training from the Safe Water Trust on the maintenance of the filters, making sure the communities we support continue to receive clean water and the filters continue to be fully functional and used in the correct way.


Richard works with Fred and Rebeca.

He is involved in the distribution of water filters and has been hands-on involved in the building of our sustainable water projects.

Kicking Off is a UK-based, registered charity (1173123) that aims to empower communities through football.

Established in March 2017, Kicking Off implements a fresh and creative operating model that provides disadvantaged children and wider communities with the support they need.

We see Kicking Off as ideal partners for us in Ghana as we can support their holistic approach to sustainable communities through our water expertise and they can provide intelligence on, and links to, communities that we can support.